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Want to Buy Insurance? Make Sure to Get the Following 13 Information

 Insurance is very necessary to cover a risk, especially in all activities and life. But often the problems that arise in insurance are related to claims.

This can also happen because of the lack of understanding of consumers when owning an insurance product.

So that insurance marketing personnel need to ensure that potential consumers understand the contents of the insurance policy clearly. As consumers, we have the right to get accurate, honest, clear, and non-misleading information regarding the insurance policy.

For this reason, if you encounter marketing personnel or agents who offer insurance products from a company, make sure the party is officially cooperating with an insurance company that already has a license from the OJK. In this case, official marketing personnel and insurance agents work professionally, meet the insurance agent's code of ethics, and have special certifications related to agency.

Then what information do consumers need to know when getting an insurance product offer?

In marketing insurance products, official marketers can only use marketing media (marketing kits) and summary insurance product information that has been determined or approved by the company.

The information must contain:

1. Company name and/or logo.

2. Statement that the company is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

3. The name of the insurance product being marketed.

4. A statement that the product being marketed is an insurance product.

5. Characteristics of insurance products, which contain details of the amount and period of payment of premiums or contributions, the amount and time of imposition of fees for insurance products related to investments, benefits, coverage scope, insurance period, risks borne by policyholders, insureds or participants, as well as contracts used in terms of insurance products using sharia principles.

6. Information regarding the provision of commissions by the company to marketers in the context of marketing insurance products.

7. Terms and procedures for submitting an application to become a policyholder, insured, or participant.

8. Terms and procedures for submitting a claim, including supporting evidence that is relevant and necessary in submitting a claim.

9. Procedures for settlement and payment of claims.

10. Simulation/ illustration of coverage or participation made in accordance with the profile of the prospective policyholder, insured, or participant.

11. Procedures for servicing and resolving complaints to insurance companies.

12. The contact center of the service of the company that can be contacted by the consumer can be a telephone number, electronic mail address (e-mail), and others.

13. A statement that there are applicable terms and conditions, including how to obtain information about these terms and conditions, for example in the form of a website link containing product terms and conditions.

For further provisions regarding insurance marketing channels, it is regulated in OJK Circular Letter Number: 19 / SEOJK.05 / 2020 concerning Insurance Marketing Channels.

In essence, as a consumer, of course, you have the right to get an explanation of this information. If you feel that something is not clear, you can ask the insurance marketer, so that you really understand the insurance policy you are buying so that in the future you don't get confused when making a claim.

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