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How to Apply for The Most Appropriate Elderly Insurance

Insurance companies usually limit customers to a maximum age of 50 years. So many elderly people need insurance because they have a higher risk of getting sick or even dying.

However, you should not also worry, because there are still many companies that provide elderly insurance. The insurance protects people who are 60 years old, even up to 70 years old.

When choosing elderly insurance, just like when buying car insurance, you must be able to compare which is the best car insurance All Risk or TLO. Likewise, health insurance for the elderly, whether should include pre-existing diseases or not.

After comparing which insurance is the right one, just find out which health insurance premium is the best for the elderly.

What is Elderly Insurance?

Elderly insurance is insurance aimed at people who have advanced age, that is, over 50 years old.

This age group is prone to disease, and also the risk of death. So of course it needs protection, both for health, and coverage funds for families who are left behind.

Therefore, this elderly insurance is distinguished into several forms, ranging from life insurance, and health insurance, to critical illness insurance.

Usually, insurance that is specifically for the elderly has a higher premium. This is of course very reasonable because the risk faced by the elderly is also very high.

How Old Can You Still Apply for Insurance?

Age is one of the factors that insurance companies pay great attention to. This is because the risk to people with old age is very large.

As a company that certainly also prioritizes profit. Inevitably, the age factor is a consideration in accepting insurance applications or not.

The older a human being is, the greater the risk factors encountered. Of course, the costs charged for the premiums charged are also getting bigger.

Well, regarding the age limit for applying for insurance, it turns out that it cannot be submitted casually. It depends on the policy of the insurance company itself.

It's just that, in Indonesia itself, people are said to be elderly if they are 60 years old. This is under Law No. 13 of 1998, related to the Welfare of the Elderly.

The age limit was then proposed to be changed again to 65 in 2019. Even the results of the BPS survey on the life expectancy of the elderly limit reached 71 years.

It's just that the age limit has not been changed to a new law. So by rule, the age limit for old age until now is 60 years.

However, some insurance companies still accept insurance applications from the elderly who are 70 years old, even up to 80 years old.

What is the Cost of the Elderly Care Limit of the Elderly Health Insurance?

In addition to life insurance, the elderly can also get health and critical illness insurance. However, of course, there is a limit or limit on treatment in case of risk experienced by the elderly.

The elderly who have a risk of critical illness certainly require large treatment costs. There is even the possibility of taking a long time in terms of treatment, as well as large medical expenses.

Of course, this is very reasonable, if a company gives a limit on the treatment. Each company will also adjust the limit to the amount of premium paid.

Some examples of hospitalization cost limits from elderly health insurance such as the following insurance:

● AXA Maestro Elite Care provides hospitalization and treatment costs of up to IDR 3.3 billion, for an unlimited hospitalization period.

● Allianz Allisya Care provides unlimited hospitalization and treatment fees, for a hospitalization period of 180 days each year.

● AXA Smart Health Executive provides hospitalization and treatment costs of IDR 200 million, for a hospitalization period of 60 days each year.

If the limit exceeds the fee that must be paid, then you need to be prepared to cover the shortfall.

Does Elderly Health Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Diseases?

A pre-existing disease is a disease suffered during or before applying for insurance.

In elderly insurance, this must also be considered, so you can determine the right insurance policy.

Because some elderly insurances do not cover this type of disease. If this matter is not noticed, of course, it will be detrimental, right?

Those are some things related to elderly insurance that are important for you to know. So, later it will not be wrong in choosing an insurance product and get maximum benefits.

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