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Choosing Home Insurance with Great Benefits

The house is one of the primary needs. In fact, if there is no home, we will be more vulnerable to the risk of disease and crime.

Getting it is getting more and more difficult because house prices are increasing. Therefore, it is good if we take care of the house or property we live in.

If the house serves to protect us, then it is only natural that we protect the house through home insurance. Come on, read more about home insurance!

What is home insurance?

Home insurance is a type of insurance that covers all financial risks that may occur to a person's home or property. Given that no one can predict when a disaster or accident occurs, even a house needs to be insured.

What are the benefits of home insurance?

The benefits of home insurance vary, depending on the type of insurance product chosen. In general, the following risks may be borne:

  • House fires;
  • Lightning strikes that caused damage to the house;
  • Risk of explosion;
  • The crash of an airplane on the house;
  • Fire smoke that causes damage to the house;
  • Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or tsunamis;
  • Theft or burglary;

And many others!

Because the type of risk covered is different for each insurance product, make sure you read the contents of the insurance policy carefully. In addition, the types of home insurance can also be divided into two, namely Fire Insurance and Property All Risk.

1. Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance products are usually adjusted to the Indonesian Fire Insurance Standard Policy (PSAKI). PSAKI usually has protection against 5 basic risks, namely Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Plane Crash, and Smoke.

However, some Fire Insurance products can offer additional protection, such as for the risk of riots, flooding, and others. If the benefits are not mentioned in the policy, then the risk will not go into the case of protection. This is why Fire Insurance policies are often called "named perils".

2. Property All Risk

Unlike the case with Fire Insurance, the Property All Risk policy is in the category of "unnamed perils" and focuses more on exceptions. This means the policy protects the home from any risks that exist if those risks are not specifically written in the exemption. Therefore, this one product tends to be more expensive.

Tips & tricks for choosing a good home insurance

Before choosing home insurance, you need to consider a few things carefully. Especially considering that the options for home insurance products are already very varied. Well, here are some points that you can pay more attention to:

1. Choose an insurance company you can trust

A good home insurance product usually comes from a trustworthy insurance company. Make sure that the insurance company you choose is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). That way, the risk of you being deceived becomes smaller.

If you can, also look for an insurance company that is well-known for its good service, especially regarding claims. In addition, find out more about the experience of such insurance companies.

2. Pay attention to the type of home insurance in the product 

As previously explained, there are two types of home insurance, namely Fire Insurance and Property All Risk (PAR). It is necessary to know because of its different nature. Fire Insurance focuses more on specific benefits (named perils), while Property All Risk covers all risks if not specifically mentioned in the exemption (unnamed perils).

3. Read the policy carefully

When you get an insurance policy, you have the right to study the policy. The period of studying this policy is also called the free look period and usually lasts up to 14 days. In these 14 days, you can learn more about the policy to see if the benefits and risk exclusions suit your needs.

4. Make sure the benefits provided are sufficient

You can see this based on the Sum Insured and/or the amount of compensation written in the insurance policy. Compare the amount of the Sum Insured with the estimated price of your house construction if there is indeed a risk.

If your house is big, then your home insurance needs are greater. Thus, the Sum Insured you need is higher.

If only the house needs to be insured, let alone yourself? 

Make sure you and your family are also safely protected. Whether it is through family health insurance, or providing life insurance for the main breadwinner. That way, if there is a risk to you, other family members can still rise from the existing financial risks. 

At Super You by Sequis Online, you can get good health insurance and life insurance products. Motivated by more than 35 years of experience, Super You is also supervised by the OJK and has a good security and comfort system through ISO 27001 certification.

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