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6 Tips for Choosing Health Insurance


Currently, a variety of health insurance products from cheap to premium offered by insurance companies are widely available in the market. The insurance product is considered to be an option to mitigate risks in the present to the future. Then, how to choose health insurance?

Sequis Head of Health Strategic Business Unit Mitchell Nathaniel suggested that people who want to buy health insurance can record the benefit needs of insurance in detail and then adjust it to financial capabilities. This, Mitchell said, is so as not to burden the family's finances.

"Likewise, when getting an offer of insurance products, prospective customers ask the insurance agent for details about benefits, coverage, premium payments, procedures, and conditions needed when claiming," he said, in a written statement, Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

Here are tips from Mitchell Nathaniel:

1. High annual limit

Generally, there are two types of health insurance claim limits, namely the annual limit and the lifetime limit. In insurance with an annual limit, if the annual limit runs out, the cost of treatment and subsequent treatment will be borne by the customer until the limit is filled again next year. Choose a health insurance that does not impose a lifetime limit and make sure the annual limit of insurance per year is also sufficient for your needs.

2. Provide protection against the risk of critical illness

The benefits of critical illness will be very useful if suddenly sentenced to suffer from critical illness or if you have a family history of critical illness. Critical illness protection is important given that the cost of treatment tends to be high. Unfortunately, not all health products provide this benefit so patients have to spend personal funds.

3. Other useful benefits are available

The benefits that are also necessary in health insurance are that there is protection for the covid-19 disease because now it is still dealing with the dangers of potential transmission, the emergence of new mutations, and the possibility of a slow increase in cases. Another benefit that can also be taken into consideration is that it provides the benefits of occupational therapy, speech, and traditional Chinese medicine.

4. Cashless payment facility available

One of the important things in choosing insurance is how to claim. Try to choose health insurance that provides a cashless claim method. This procedure will facilitate the payment process because the patient's family only needs to show the insurance membership card when the payment process is at the hospital cashier. Payment of hospital fees with cashless, is useful to provide comfort and convenience for customers when undergoing treatment at partner hospitals.

5. Extensive network of hospitals

When you have to be treated medically, you will usually look for the nearest or most complete hospital. Avoid insurance with protection benefits for various types of diseases but only accepted in a few hospitals. On the other hand, if our insurance has a wide reach in many hospitals in Indonesia and abroad, patients and families will be helped by access because it is easy and fast when needed.

Another advantage is that when you are sick but outside the city, you can still get comfortable treatment at a hospital that has cooperation with the insurance company you choose. Likewise, when hit by an accident, you can immediately receive treatment at a hospital partner of the insurance company.

6. Have a good reputation

The credibility of the company can be seen from the ability to provide a variety of insurance products that have been licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) so that it can straightforwardly provide detailed information about its insurance products which can be found on the company's official website in the form of a Summary of Product and Service Information (RIPLay).

In addition, the reputation of insurance companies can also be known from the solvency ratio which in the insurance industry is known as Risk-Based Capital (RBC), an indicator of the company's ability to pay its obligations to customers. The minimum RBC requirement set by the OJK is 120 percent.

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